Sendai Tech Company Limited

About Us


Our company has been newly eastablished in collaboration with Japanese company, with the philosophy of "It is necessary to develop and improve the lives of people in Viet Nam and South-East Asia. We must devote for this direction."

We are engaging with the business of water purification units, including beekeeping, tourism, beauty, etc..

Especially, we are now eiming to provide "Clean, safe water", by "Taking advantage of our Japanese technology to thoroughly clean the water", and "Testing the water in Viet Nam", "Considering the water and situations", and "Changing the water quality in Viet Nam".

If there is anything you want, don't hesitate to ask us.

Mr. Van (Sales manager)
Da Nang Factory: Lo so 19, KCN Dien Nam- Dien Ngoc, Dien Ban, Quang Nam
Tel: 0917-54-1132