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Free water quality check service for you!

So many water purifiers today you have are risky for you!!
Please be in a hurry to take countermeasure for your health!

Dear people who already have water purifier,
have you been periodically replacing the filter?

The water purifiers are useless at all, unless the filter is timely replaced.
The harmful substances are taken into your body more and more day by day with drinking water and rather destroying your health, even though you do believe the water is safe enough because of using the water purifier.
In addition, the harmful substances for body have not been almost removed by the common water purifiers. On the contrary, unhealthy materials have not been filtered out and the many of them have been unilaterally accumulated in your body.

It is also dangerous,
when you notice the tap water gets muddy or is stinky!

The most causes of the turbidity in drinking water are due to the organic materials such as iron rust and mold etc in the water pipes.
In addition, more scary pesticides and heavy metals may be mixed in the water.
The water quality must be especially checked, because the maintenance work might be poor or forgotten of the water storage tank in the condominium.

Once, please have our "Free Water Quality Check" service!

Our SENDAI TECH, are also providing you, at free of charge,
the test for water quality at your homes, offices and shops.
The water quality test is very important and required right now, regardless you already have a water purifier or you do not have it.
Please take a look at free of charge for your water quality test.

high-quality checker high-quality checker

Please have and enjoy really safe and secured water by setting up our "LUCK SATTO" water purification unit of SENDAI TECH .

Our SENDAI TECH will check and test your water on the spot in front of you with the high-quality checker (analyzer) whether it contains harmful substances or not.
If toxic substances are found in the water check, "LUCK SATTO" water purification unit is most suitable and recommended by SENDAI TECH for you.
With our excellent water purification unit made in Japan, almost all harmful substances can be removed for you.
The installation of the water purification unit is not required, if no substances harmful to health is found.
While reassuring you, please use the water as it is.