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What our water purification unit,

Our "LUCK SATTO" is High-Performance Water Purification Unit,
which can remove by using the Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter, "Turbidity including Iron rust etc", "Various odor", "Trihalomethane",
"Bacteria", "Virus", "Environmental hormone"
and "Heavy metals"including "Radioactive materials".

As far as you set up this "LUCK SATTO", you can make the clean water safe enough and assured in your home and office. This purified water can be safely used for, of course adult men / women, and pregnant women, not only for making milk for babies, drinking medicine but also for cooking and lotion etc.

The features of "LUCK SATTO", our water purification unit

"LUCK SATTO" are with the High-Performance,
greatly cleared up the criteria for selection of water purification units.

five filters
  • "LUCK SATTO" can remove 98% of Arsenic, Cadmium, Hexavalent chromium, Environmental hormone etc, those might be contained in the tap water, with the specially equipped "Nano-membrane Filter".
  • "LUCK SATTO" is also equipped with the four pieces of High-Performance Filters additionally to protect the "Nano-membrane Filter".
  • Pure raw water, which is helpful to keep your body healthy and to make your cuisine delicious, can be also provided on the basis of 180ℓ per day.
  • Convinient and luxury features can be connected to your Cold & Hot Water Server.
  • You can easily exchange the filter with one-touch system.
  • Sign check indicator is additionally equipped to maintain the pure raw water level.

※Actual selling price (including case of rental) can be paid in Vietnamdong that using exchange rates announced at time of installation.

Selling price in case lump-sum

Basic plan
US$1200 per unit
bottle unneccessary Hot Cold Water Dispenser
Server-Top attached
Server-Top unit price
One of Hot Cold Water Dispenser is not matched size Our Server-Top, Please, contact to us in advance.
Filter price (Set for 1 year) set of 3 pcs
Filter price (Set for 2nd year) set of 5 pcs

Price in case of rental (2 years)

Installation plan(It will be conditions to continue use for more than 24 months)
  • Body price of LUCK SATTO
  • Fillter charge
60$ per monthly
Bottle unneccessary Hot Cold Water Dispenser
15$〜 per 1 machine
Ice Machine
Separately Request fo Quotation

Option (charge for separate fee)

Charge for work fee
Dedicated faucet
Pressure Pump

Troubles caused by our sendaitech company, will be repaired free of charge. Troubles caused by customer, natural consumption, travel expenses will be paid by customers in extra Quotation.

Cases of the introduction of "LUCK SATTO"

Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Case of the introduction of Luck Satto at Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City

Case of the introduction of Luck Satto at Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City

Video demonstrating the water purification actual with "LUCK SATTO"

"LUCK SATTO" can even make Coffee by removing the color to transparent water.

In common water purifiers and filters, they cannot get rid of the coffee molecules, therefore, the coffee color remains.
By "LUCK SATTO", this means you can remove all harmful substances for your health.
On the contrary, common water instruments cannot exactly remove pesticides or heavy metals etc ..

Is filter replacement needed for Water Purification Unit?

Water purifiers and their life are depending on the filter themselves.

five filters

The filter is like a very fine mesh, therefore, the impurities will be accumulated in the meshes gradually little by little, when using.
Depending on the volume of water used and the performance of water purifiers, the mesh will be clogged in one month by early ones, and 6 months ~ 1 year time even in a high-performance unit.
It is often just like 2 years time as maximum, when well-kept by.

The filter, if used without replacement, the mesh will be clogged. It will cause to drink dangerous and dirty water against your will, as a result that the filter cannot remove impurities and toxic substances which might be leaking in the water.

As far as you choose our "LUCK SATTO", the perfect maintenance including the filter replacement are yours.
The high-performance security will follow for you.
Now, "LUCK SATTO" appearing in front of you, is the time to buy or change for you,
or everyone who think about "trying to buy water purifier" or "having the water set but never chance to replace the filter".