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and can keep providing "Clean water".

The problems of the water in Southeast Asian countries.

The complaints, such as "We cannot drink water because that the available water is too dirty", "We cannot trust the bottled water and rely on the water purification unit", are often heard from Western people and Japanese living in the suburbs of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City etc.

Unfortunately, it is still incredibly low of consciousness to the water among people living in Southeast Asian countries.

Although the bottled water and the water purification units have been supplied by the foreign capitals for your daily use, but the foreigners living in Viet Nam have been saying that "The water is unsanitary".

We think those are the reason that the maintenance works for the water serving units have not been taken care in time or the units quality is terribly low.

It would be still permissible if the dirty level is in a limited range. But, it can be even dangerous that the remaining Arsenic and Residual of Defoliant etc are also suspected.

What we, SENDAI TECH, can help for you

We, SENDAI TECH are recommending our Water Purification Unit, "LUCK SATTO" which can create "the Clean Water" and assure everybody the safety with security / satisfaction expected, in order to provide the better health and well-being / happiness for all of you.

We, SENDAI TECH are ready to provide "Clean Water" anytime for you.

We are dealing the Water Purification Unit, "LUCK SATTO" with Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter, which can remove "Stench", Turbidity including Iron rust etc", "Mold odor", "Trihalomethane", "Bacteria", "Virus", "Environmental hormone", even including "Radioactive material".

As long as you set up our Water Purification Unit, "LUCK SATTO" at your homes and offices, you can use and enjoy the cleaned water in various situations every day such as in your cooking and for lotion etc in addition to drinking water, with totally safety and full security / satisfactions.

We will check for you and determine whether the water you use is safe or not.

We can check the quality of water available in the surrounding area of Viet Nam.

We will examine the water quality whether it contains undeniably harmful substances on the body or not.

We can check the quality of water you use through the storage tank of the condominium, and the old water pipes and/or you want to utilize the water in the ponds for your agricultural purposes, whether the harmful substances are contained or not.
We can also survey the water whether the harmful substances on the body such as the environmental hormone are contained.

The bottled water is not needed anymore.

To whom using home delivery service and discussing the bottled water

Too heavy to carry the bottled water!", "Too troublesome to place order each time for the bottled water!", "No space to store the bottled water!" and etc are repeatedly heard by SENDAI TECH’s affiliate in Japan.
If 20ℓ size container has to be moved and any number of such vessel is set there, it is certainly too heavy and gives trouble for the elderly and children.

From these inconvenience, now in Japan, customers have been shifting their behavior to set up the water purification units for themselves from buying the bottled water.

If you were still one of "To whom using home delivery service and discussing the bottled water", we think you had better notice that you have been already living in the era of setting up the water purification units for your own purposes, instead of using the bottled water in your country, Viet Nam. Especially, in order to keep the more healthy life every day, please consider seriously our High-Performance Water Purification Unit, "LUCK SATTO".

From the water purification unit to water server directly.

Our water purification unit can be connected directly to water server from your water faucet.
It is very convenient for you that cold water and hot water are always available whenever you want to use.

We do hope you get an upgraded healthy and happy life with our water purification unit, "LUCK SATTO" and the watr server.