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Criteria for the selection of water purification unit

Choose with the filter employed in the unit

The top priority should be given as the criteria for the selection is its performance of the water purification unit.

Particularly, the filter equipped is the core of the water purification unit. Therefore, it makes little sense, as a water purifier, unless the filter has a high-performance.

Please take note and remember Reverse Osmosis Membrane, "Nano-membrane filter", as one of the keyword in the terms of filter.
The filter is excellent and the best in the world, and that's why you can remove nearly all of the toxic materials in tap water.
Of course, this "Nano-membrane filter" is equipped in our "LUCK SATTO" by SENDAI TECH. Our units have the five filters in total for the protection of the main filter in the unit, so that "LUCK SATTO" can exercise their performances to provide large amount of safe and clean water for long-term.

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The types and performance etc of the filter

The filters such as activated carbon, hollow fiber membranes, ceramic, and reverse osmosis membrane etc are used as a package in the filtration of the unit.

Activated carbon largely removes chlorine odor, and the hollow fiber membrane takes turbidity such as iron rust and germs etc.

Although ceramic has the various range in performances, some of them can also eleminate germs and dioxions.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane removes all impurities even like dioxin, pesticides and cadmium.

Choose by price and performance

In addition to the filter performance, the water supply capacity, size, and its convenience etc can be one of the criteria when you choose the water purification unit.

Large water capacity as much as possible, compact size and less time & effort as system are also requirred.
Please do not select and buy the water purifier by price only, otherwise be "cheap & nasty but shoddy", "low-priced goods of poor quality","Penny wise and pound foolish".

Please choose a water purifier priced reasonable as possible, equipped with "Nano-membrane filter".
Our "LUCK SATTO", excellent 3 types of water purification unit has been also cleared any of the above conditions.

Select by set-up location

The water purifiers must be different, depending on the set-up location such as homes, offices.

Attention shall be reasonably paid when choosing the water purification unit, according to your circumstances, for example, of central type installed on the water supply pipe itself, faucet-mounted, under the sink, and also narrow spaces etc.