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Can be healthy if we drink water?
About 1.5~2ℓ of drinking water is needed by the human body which is consisted with, known medically, 60~80% of water.
You will need plenty of water to keep health, although there is personally different between the age, gender and amount of exercise, etc..
But, human body will be exposed to the risk of disease, or rather become ill more and more, if the harmful substances are contained in the drinking water.
In order to keep healthy, all of us need the clean water.
Is rain water or tap water not safe?
Not only from river or well and rain but also tap water contains plenty of harmful substances in the water, although that is true in any country around the world.
You cannot expect to remove such dangerous substances as arsenic, pesticides, heavy metals and radioactive materials etc. at the general water purification plants or others.
Especially in Viet Nam, it can be said that very harmful substances can be likely contained in the water due to contamination of the soil.
Is a bottled water safe?
It is dangerous thought that you are safe because of using the bottled water!
Even if the bottled water is relatively safe, but the server itself may be most likely dirty and have germs bred.
Do you not neglect the required maintenance of the water server for long term?
Furthermore, the fine filter cannot be used to remove toxic substances like pesticides and therefore heavy metals in the bottled water when mineral etc. originally included.
It is repeatedly required to confirm and ensure the safety of the bottled water.
Is mineral water good for the body?
The volumes of different minerals are required individually depending on the persons, who intensely exercise, babies and the elderly people, the public men and women etc., and the required ingredients are also different respectively by each person.
When people take a lot of biased kinds of minerals into the body, there could highly destroy the health.
But it is almost impossible to take the required minerals from the bottled water only, of course it is recommendable to take the right volume of minerals for the body, as it is necessary to the body.
We believe minerals should be taken from foods.