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Best water for your healthy life
The water is very important for your body. Because the water is connected with health deeply.
The water is very important for a body.
Water Purification Unit,

"The Better Health" & "The Better Well-being / Happiness"
are in everyone's hand by setting our Water Purification Unit,
"LUCK SATTO", that is our strong hope and wish!

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Water Purification Unit, "LUCK SATTO" is excellent incorporating the highest technology of Japan(and USA).

Our "LUCK SATTO" can remove almost all health inhibitors which are very bad influence on the human body, such as Arsenic, Environmental hormone, Heavy metals, Radioactive materials, etc., offering a distinct advantage over the competition with the general water purifiers available in the market.

It will break your body when you keep drinking the water of tap water or wells as well as in cooking at your home.

We do hope you will enjoy more happy life every day by using our Water Purification Unit, "LUCK SATTO", which can filter and remove all the impurities, so that you can use and drink your water most safely with higest security / satisfaction. You will be able to keep the better health, and work vigorously so that you save money more and more and buy the things whenever you want.

For that purpose,
we recommend our Water Purification Unit,

Is your private cars,
or otherwise cooler,
refrigerator, LCD TV?

In your economy keep developping, we think that there is a lot of things you want to have.

Does it mean that your private cars, or otherwise cooler, refrigerator, LCD TV?

please wait a minute.

What you really need and had better buy is to protect your "family health", with the highest priority in the very beginning, we do believe.

The most among of them, it can be said the Water Purifiation Unit to clean the water occupying almost 60~80% of the human body.
Because work, play and happiness can be enjoyed on the premise that you keep the best health condition.

At first, therefore, please consider buying our Water Purification Unit,
"LUCK SATTO", proud of SENDAI TECH Company.

We support the maintenance of your water purifier in the future, for example replace of filters and so on.